Men & Rings!

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Mafia Ring
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Once upon a time...21.000 years ago, to be more precisely, the first rings had been slipped over. They were made out of bone pieces, worn mostly by women and children. Men had no muse for it. Had to get out for food for the waiting, or get lost, when monster tigers showed up once in a while.

Today, we don't know exactly, when the male Flintstones had decided to slip over such a round thing. However, it is presumed, they did it, when they had begun to melt metals for weapons and learned how to bend the metal. Thousands of years ago, women had figured out, that this sparkling something could be an ultimate proof of love. Or had to be, depended on what Mr Flintstone did wrong or not. For men, a ring on their fingers always had been a symbol of power and togetherness. Lodges, Secret Societies, Rocker Gangs and other Clubs of Organized Crime can sing a song about it., signet rings
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While most men had been the master of the rings and their wearers, until the emancipation movement showed up, things have changed now, luckily! Men are no longer master of the situation, if at all, then the cost. And women finally decide by their own, how long they are willing to wear the wedding ring. Approximately, 3-4 years, before they will strip it off for the first time. And that's good. Seriously. If you think of all these awesome ring designers out there. And not only the wedding ring designers. Would be a shame, if women could not benefit from all these extra rings of conquest from other men or rings of appeasement from younger lovers.

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The question is, what else can we do, than throwing out our hard-earned money for these sweet, women heart melting bank account killers? Shall we start to let us gifted by the female sex? For our faithfulness, our loyalty ( if still available), for our grey hair, tremendously attacking our head, when the ladies have their hormone fluctuations or other grumblings? Or shall we decide to buy our own rings?! Rings associated with good memories of our lost self-love. A ring which reminds us of the best night in our lives.

Ring with the Bourbon Lily, made for Kings (Bild: MMbrey@twitter, Marc Muehleis)

Or a ring, brings back our first break-through in business. A ring which helps us to survive our first divorce. A ring, reminds us of our first successfull genetic reproduction. Or, we just buy a ring, because the beauty of yesterday night let us enjoy her body and the body of her hot girlfriend. To wear such a ring on your finger is always better than one through your nose. There are too many  dancing bears out there anyway. So let us begin to reduce this ugly number. And a new ring will eternally be a good start in this monkey business called life. A new ring, reminds us who we are: Men with full hearts!